Stop The Whining

I spent the better part of this past weekend with someone who is dealing with some health issues. For that reason, I was a bit more tolerant that I usually am for dismal behavior. However, this is a person who reflects the "non-success" attitude. She spent most of the time we were together complaining about things. This led to her being condescending and outright arrogant at times. To me, this is the path to loneliness. Who wants to interact long-term with someone like this?

As I mentioned yesterday, success starts in the head. What we think about is what we can materialize. If we choose to focus upon all the negativity in our life, then that is what we are going to experience. Law of attraction or not, this is a simple reality. Try walking down the street and notice everything that is red. When you are continually focusing upon something, you will find it.

Part of the change in your path to success is to stop whining about different things in your life. The circumstances which you experience are results of decisions you made in the past. This is the essence of taking responsibility for your life. Everything is an outcome of some past choice you made. This is a worthwhile sentiment to remember.

Whining turns people off. Nobody who is successful wants to be around those who focus upon and spread misery. Overcoming challenges needs to be a part of your "success tool bag" Those who allow circumstances to get them down inevitably become a slave to those circumstances. Exercise your power by figuring out the solution instead of the problem.

Life is not a solo exercise. Those who truly excel know that the input of others is crucial. Whiners repel people. They do not attract those who have the ability to assist in the creation of better things. Whiners are stuck in one place and usually will not move off it. On the other hand, the "movers and shakers" in society like to interact with those who are doing the same. Progress is made one step at a time. Whining is a indication that one is stuck in neutral.

The next time you want to whine, picture yourself handing a nice big sign with the words "I am going nowhere in life" painted on it in red. Is that the idea you want everyone to have of you? If not, shut your mouth and work on the solution.
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