Being The Best

What is it that separates the great ones from all the rest? Have you ever sat down and thought what exactly started the process? Is it talent? Determination? Blessing from a higher power? Obviously there is something that makes the great ones great. Figuring out what that is can go a long way to helping us to understand how to improve our lives.

Fortunately, I am going to give you some help with the answers to these questions. All success starts in the mind. Even before talent, luck, or environment comes into play, one must succeed in his or her mind. Mankind has proven this truth throughout history. As you think, so you will be.

The simple fact is that those who achieve the ultimate success do so because they believe they are going to be the best. It is that easy. That is where all grand achievement comes from. If you are able to direct your thoughts in this direction, your entire life will change. Instantly, all actions change.

The best behave differently than the average person. These people take the actions that others are unwilling to do. They start their day in a different manner and that carries throughout. Watch how the successful behave and compare that to your life. You will see an immediate difference. Again, the reason this occurs is because the best believe so in their mind.

Tiger Woods, before this season, went out expecting to win every golf tournament. In his mind, he was the best before he ever teed the ball up. What was the "Woods Mystique"? The biggest advantage that Tiger Woods had on his competitors was all mental. He believed he was better and so did they.

The New York Yankees fit into this category also. The past 38 years, when owned by the recently departed George Steinbrenner, saw the expectation of championships. Finishing second was not tolerable. The team was designed to win and that was expected. Every player knew to believe they were the best team in baseball. Thus, all actions were taken with the desire to prove this mindset.

It is time you began to live your life in a similar fashion. Decide today that you are going to be the best in everything that you do. Your were designed to live at the top level of the food chain. Mentally, you can put yourself there in this instance. Remember, all success is preceded by the mind. From there, you simply need to contour your actions with the mindset you create. Mental success followed by directed action leads to physical success. There is no simpler formula than that.

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