There Are Always Opportunities

"Feelings Aren't Facts"

We all have setbacks in life. There are times when things do not go our way. Sadly, it seems that the events during these times pile up. They say that things happen in threes. Most of us understand this from experience. It seems when something goes wrong, everything goes wrong. The snowball effect has been felt by all of us.

It is during these times where we can allow our feelings to get in the way. It is easy to feel bad when things are falling to pieces around us. Depression, anxiety, fear, and other emotions (all negative) can arise within us. Unfortunately, we assume a position of powerlessness when we allow these things to take hold of us. The truth is that feelings are not facts.

Many will try to disprove this statement but it not possible. Feelings only serve as a guide. However, it is up to each of us how we process what we experience. There are always two choices: become paralyzed or motivate ourselves to move forward. Whatever the situation, these are always the two choices we are confronted with.

Another fact of life is there are always opportunities in front of us. This is an difficult concept to remember when one is mired in the emotional abyss that can result from horrific life circumstances. Nevertheless, this does not diminish this age old truth. A common occurrence of the last few years is where one finds his/her world turned upside down due to a job loss. Millions of people were put out of work with scarce chance of finding equal replacement employment. Naturally, this creates a host of emotions within a person.

I once heard a motivational speaker get excited when one of the audience members mentioned losing her job the day before. He said "That is wonderful. Now you have 360 degrees of possibilities before you". Obviously, it all comes down to our perception of things. This individual saw the opportunities for this person to move forward.

And that is the main point of this post. It is time for each of us to move forward. There is nothing that should hold us back. Sure, there are times when things occur which are not to our liking. Nevertheless, we are able to choose how things affect us. Are we motivated to move forward or do we want to dwell in the emotional negativity that naturally arises from such events? Those who are successful in life are able to recognize that life happens. Because of this, they take the action that is needed to move forward. Feelings tend to only hold us back since we are apt to listen to them like they were factual. In reality, life does not care how you feel. It judges us by the action we take. In the end, the only challenge in life is to get ourselves to move forward. Change is inevitable. The only way to deal with it is to concentrate upon that which needs our attention. Projection only hinders especially in times like these.

One final note: the greatest of success stories rarely emerged from ideal conditions. This is true whether we look at sports, business, health, or any other facet of life. The successful start from where they are at and take action. Those who play the waiting game ultimately end up stuck in neutral. There are only some many moments on this planet. It is time to get busy.

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