Each Life Is Alternative

We have all heard the term "alternative lifestyle". This is used to denote a way of life that is different from the mainstream. The promoters of dogma insist on classifying living choices that are different in a less than admirable fashion. In this sense, these are degrading the choices most individuals make. Of course, this is all done in an effort to maintain power.

The truth is that each life is alternative. Those who understand this idea are willing to take control of the path they opt to live upon. No two lives are the same simply because no two people are the same. Sadly, individuality is not something that the "powers that be" want. The prefer obedient subjects who conform to their every whim. We see this idea all throughout society.

Therefore, it is up to you to forge your own path. This requires internal research to determine what it is that makes you tick. Few people ever take the time to investigate this aspect of themselves. Instead, they blindly follow the mantra that is presented to them. It is depressing to watch someone adhere to all the precepts which promise happiness only to find they end up completely miserable.

We have only one life to live. There are times when the choices we make will be unpopular. Family and close friends profess to only want what is best for us but will be the worst critics when we exemplify any individuality. It is almost as if their love is conditional....we will love and support you as long as you are doing what we believe is best for you. Step outside that boundary will net you being ostracized.

When we were born, or in our youth, we were not handed a manual for a successful life. The reason is because this publication does not exist. Many will profess to have ideas about what path to take which leads to happiness, but how many can honestly say they are happy in their lives. Financial burdens are at their all time worst. The divorce rate is over 50% and climbing. Children are suffering neglect and abuse at absurd rates. Drinking and drug use is commonplace while being readily accepted by society. In short, people are miserable. The only relief they seem to get is the nightly vegging out in front of the television.

If you aspire to something more, you must be willing to step out of the mainstream path and do what suits you. Naturally, this does not mean you have to become an anarchist or a complete radical (unless you choose to be that). It does, however, mean that you will have to alter your thinking about the way life "should" be lived. Understand that much of what you were taught is a complete lie. It is not the path to success and happiness for many. Instead, misery and malcontent seems to be the norm today.

Designing your life means making your own choices. Few are willing to do this because of the risks I mentioned above. It is difficult to stand on your own and be strong. However, those that can do it find the contentment inside they are seeking. Those who succumb to the pressure of others find they have that nagging voice continually telling them that they settled. Ultimately, this feeds into more misery.

Decide today that you are going to design your life as you see fit. You have only so many hours left on this planet. Use them wisely.
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