3 Steps To Greatness

1. Have a great mindset:

The world loves dreamers. All great accomplishments began as a thought. People who dream big have the ability to create big. There is a correlation between the size of one’s thoughts and the levels of accomplishment achieved. If you want to have a great life, concentrate on increasing the size of your thinking. Allow those deep seeded dreams to come out of you. Do not fall into the habit of dismissing them because they seem unrealistic. Cherish them as the ultimate destination that you wish to reach.

A great mindset also transcends into spectacular confidence. Society is in the habit of telling us how we cannot achieve something. The messages that individuals receive causes them to have low opinions of themselves. This is hogwash. Setting our minds on those dreams that we have lifts our spirits. We begin to realize that we are capable of accomplishing whatever we set out to do. Mohammad Ali was the greatest fighter of his era. Was he this because he proclaimed “I am the greatest”? Obviously his immense skill was a big part of the reason but the marvelous self-confidence played into it also.

2. Take great action:

Do you do the things each day which move you towards greatness? The answer for most is they do not. People tend to major in the minor things. They spent their time focusing on the life issues which really do not amount to much. How many hours a day is spent dealing with situations that have little to no impact on our overall lives? Putting our attention to those activities which will have an impact gets us directed towards greatness.

The world rewards us for results. It is the action that we take which achieves those results. People who get the great outcomes tend to take bold action. Again, this requires incredible self confidence. Overcoming the fear of failure and rejection is a must. Take the action in spite of what the outcome might be. Remember that the greatest successes in life had their shares of failures also. Each setback moves you one step closer to your ideal path.

3. Great focus:

Most people are terrific starters. They can begin any project. However, many of these same individuals fail to complete what they set out to do. A loss of interest coupled with distractions leads to incomplete tasks. This is something that ensures mediocrity. Half hearted effort gets us few positive results.

Developing the ability to focus exclusively on what we are working on is one of the best success habits you can develop. Take any activity and concentrate on it until it is completed. This will begin the process of developing that laser-like focus. All greatness is that way because there was completion. A partially finished operating system is worth little: one that was completed made Bill Gates billions. In other words, persevere through it until the end.

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