A Sense of Urgency

This is one of the traits of the most successful people in the world.  And it is the one thing that seems to be lacking in those who do not attain what they desire.  Therefore, I think it crucial to investigate this matter in greater detail so that we are all clear about the need to implement a sense of urgency in our lives.

Finite Amount of Time

As living creatures, we are only given a finite amount of time on this planet.  There will come a day when we will no longer be here.  Certainly, most of us hope it is a long way down the road, but the truth is we have no idea.  Live does not tell us when the departure date is.  That is why living everyday like it is your last is a good philosophy (coupled with the outlook that you will live forever).

At the same time, opportunities exist for certain periods of time before they are no longer available.  Developing the personal computer, for example, was a way to wealth 20 years ago.  Nevertheless, that ship sailed long ago and now the idea of profiting greatly from these devices is gone.  We see the same thing happen with stocks, real estate, and other investment vehicles.  They do not have an infinite life span waiting for someone to make a decision.  Instead, they are only available to those people who have the ability to act upon them.

Successful people understand that time is limited and opportunities exist only for a short period of time.  Because of this, they approach each situation with a sense of urgency.  Playing the waiting game is not part of their agenda.  Sure, they realize that, at times, it pays to be prudent.  However, once the available information is uncovered, these people act.

Action Based

Life is an action sport.  All success is ultimately based upon the action that is taken.  Those who excel in life understand and live according to this concept.  Most, however, tend to do the exact opposite.  Instead of acting, they procrastinate.  Putting things off is a major cause of failure.  In most instances, the wrong action is better than no action.

Part of success is planning and the successful understand this.  The gathering of information and the proper processing of it is imperative.  Yet, the successful know there is a time to stop planning and start implementing.  This is where they get off the proverbial pot.  Instead of wasting time by trying to enhance the decision, once it is made, action is taken.

A sense of urgency comes from adopting the mindset that one is going to act as quickly as possible.  Time is limited and there is no better time than the present.  So, get on with it.  Action needs to be taken today to move things forward.  Waiting until the time is "right" is senseless since the time is never right.  The only thing one can do is to start taking action and adjust as he or she goes.

Use this mindset when looking at your goals.  Many write down goals only to dream about going after them.  Sadly, nothing ever happens.  Having a sense of urgency means that the time to start is now.  Look at some of the things on your list that were put off and choose one or two to start upon.  There is power in the act of simply getting started.  The flip side is to ponder what life will be like without ever getting started.  If you will not start today, what makes you think that tomorrow will be any different.  The time to take action is now.  Urgency increases motivation which results in more action taken.  Use this to your benefit.

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