What Is Most Important To You?

This is a basic question that everyone needs to answer.  Few take the time to determine what it is they want the most out of life.  Hence, they are relegated to accepting whatever life throws their way.  If you ever wondered why you aren't getting what you want out of life, perhaps it is because you never consciously decided what you want.  Now is the time to change that.

Make It A Study

Expertise is something the world craves.  We all are aware that we reside in the "information age".  More knowledge is accessible through our tablets or laptops then exists in the Library of Congress.  I read recently where the publisher of the World Book Encyclopedia is ceasing to publish it.  Is it any wonder?  Years ago this was one of the main sources of information.  The reference desk at the local library was an important area.  Now, people simply log on and find what they need.

Since we have the ability to learn about any topic created by man, why is it that few people seem to make anything a study.  Like I mentioned earlier, people tend to just drift through life.  Their decisions are made for them by the people who are paid big money to help people reach those conclusions.  Magazines, advertisements, and other mediums are utilized to achieve this end.  If you do not believe that people are brainwashed on a regular basis, just want Saturday morning programming and see all that is aimed at the fertile minds of child.  Decades later we know that "Coco Crisps are for kids".

So, if you want to be successful at anything, you need to make it a study.  This is too important to leave to chance.  Each day needs to include so time spend reading or researching what is most important to you.  With the thousands of blogs, information sites, and news outlets available online, there is no reason for this not to occur.  Most of this knowledge can be acquired at little or no cost.  Expertise need no be expensive.


The time to decide what is most important to you is now.  Life is passing each day.  If you think that things will be different next week (or next year) without you consciously choosing a different path, you are sadly mistaken.  Either you take control of life or it takes control of you.  Most are allowing life to take control of them.

So, I ask you, what is most important to you?  What do you crave in life more than anything else?  If you had to give up all else but one single thing, what would it be?  Do you have the answer to these questions?  Is this something that you need to think about?  Are many things popping into your mind?  Most of you are going to answer in the affirmative.

Fortunately, I am going to help you out.  There is one thing that needs to be the most important to you.  Everything else should come secondary to this.  If you do not make this an area of study, then you are going to be sacrificing a great deal.  Ultimately, everything that you put in front of this is going to be lost.  Family, finances, career, travel, luxury, relationships, and whatever else you can think of never can top this.  Judging by what I see on a daily basis, it is obvious that the Western societies operate upon a different belief.  Nevertheless, this idea needs to be present if you are to excel in life.

At the top of the list in terms of importance in your life needs to be health.  If you are not concerned about your health, then you are going to give up everything in order to achieve something else.  We see this throughout the world.  People work extra hard to excel in their careers only to drop dead of a heart attack from stress at a young age.  How much enjoyment did they get out of the money by being dead?  Do you think the children of people like that were consoled by having a large inheritance?  The fact is that without one's health, all else is affected.

Remember, few people lie on their deathbed and think I wish I spent more time at the office.  Of course, those on their deathbed at an old age are the lucky ones because most do not take care of themselves physically and cease at a much younger age. 

So, today, decide that you are going to make your health the most important thing in your life.  Start to make it a study and take those actions which will improve your health.  Whatever you are presently pursuing is not worth giving up years later in life.

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