Applying What You Know

I am always astonished whenever I see a doctor smoking cigarettes. If there is one profession you would think should have a 0% smoking rate, it would be the physicians. These people are intimately knowledgeable about the dangers of smoking. They deal personally with the disorders that this habit creates. Yet, there is a percentage of them that still engages in it.

The same is true for people in the medical community who are overweight. We all know that hypertension, diabetes, and other ailments are directly linked to excessive weight. Again, we have an entire profession who sees the results on a daily basis. However, there is a large percentage of the individuals in this fields who are heavy. In short, they are putting themselves at risk.

My intention is not to pick on the medical community as much as to emphasize how people do not do what they know. The application of knowledge is what leads to success. Long term good health is a result of a series of steps taken over a long period of time. Proper diet, exercise, and the elimination of bad habits (such as smoking or excessive drinking) are fundamentals in achieving this end. The medical community is well aware of this yet many fail to apply it to their lives. Instead, they make up excuses or ignore the problem altogether. Either way, the end result is the same.

This idea is expanded to all areas of life. How many times have you read a book about a particular subject and thought "these are some good ideas, I will have to try them". Did you? If you are like most, months or years later, that book is collecting dust on a shelf with the knowledge wasted through lack of application. Here we know something yet refuse to do it.

The situation gets worse when we have first hand experience about the benefits of something but fail to continue to do it. We see this in the business world where people followed a particular set of steps to create success then stop doing it. For example, many people have an investment plan that generates above average returns. However, instead of following this path, the person decides to do something different in hopes of achieving more. While this can be a good thing if more knowledge was attained, in many instances it is simply a case of the person ceasing the application of what is known.

So, my challenge to you is to apply all you know to your life. If you are over the age of 30, you acquired a great deal of experience. Live is a wonderful teacher is we are willing to apply the lessons it offers. In every area of life, you can find a blueprint for success. Decide what you want, get the blueprint, and apply the knowledge garnered from that research. It is that simple. As you can see, the first two steps are worthless unless you follow it up with the application of knowledge.

Many have said that the difference is in the actions we take. I agree. Those who succeed take actions that are in stark contrast to those who do not. Success is nothing more than finding out what needs to be done and doing it. This is why life needs to be a continual learning experience. If we are to attain great heights, we must apply the knowledge that is in our heads for our benefit. Do not allow fear, laziness, or insecurity to hinder you. Just do what you know and you will be a whole lot better off.
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