Obstacles Are Really Opportunities

Everyone experience's obstacles. Let me repeat that again. Everyone experiences obstacles. There is no such thing as a life without problems. People seem to think that they need to strive for a point where problems cease to exist. No matter who it is, how rich they are, what they do for a living, and what they believe, life has problems. It is only through this realization that one is able to surmount them.

Why is this? Problems are really opportunities in disguise. Life has a way of teaching us lessons that make us stronger going forward. There is an adage that applies: no pain, no gain. Growth is only a result of moving out of our comfort zone and expanding our circle of capability. Without that expansion, growth ceases to exist.

Thomas Edison "failed" over 10,000 times in his quest to discover the electric light bulb. When asked how he felt about this he simply replied that he found 9,999 ways not to create a light bulb. What an outlook. He did not allow the present outcomes to alter his goal. He simply persisted and used the knowledge from each failure to move forward.

In sales, there is a basic lesson learned when training new people. When one is in this field, rejection is a part of the experience. No salesperson ever existed who was not told "no" on numerous occasions. Therefore, to be successful, one needs the ability to maintain a positive outlook throughout this process. Thus, when training, salespeople are taught that every "no" brings them one step closer to a "yes". In fact, to take it one step further, salespeople are trained to break down the number of rejections received before making a sale. If for example, a person receives 20 turn downs before making a sale and each sale nets $400, then each no is worth $20. Ergo, each rejection is really an opportunity to put $20 in his/her pocket.

As you can see, dealing with obstacles is all how you view things. If you think yourself one as "cursed" or "unlucky", then you are instantly taking a position of the victim. Those who overcome realize that problems are just a fact of life and the present situation is an opportunity to grow. In other words, you will be stronger once you get through the situation.

In conclusion, consider how you view problems. This outlook might be at the core of what is holding you back. Those who are successful know that problems are just temporary in nature. They are not permanent. Most situations will be overcome in due time. Resist the temptation to look into the future thinking that you will be problem-free. It is a fantasy. 20 years from now, you won't be dealing with the problems you have now. However, at that time, you will have other problems. So, adjust your thinking to obstacles. They are meant to be overcome and make you stronger. Therefore, try to get all you can out of each problem you are facing. It will improve your life substantially.
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