Commit or Recommit

Only people who are committed to something succeed at it.

Ponder this statement for a few minutes. When you consider it, the only way to succeed is to completely commit to something. Anything less than that means one's chances are diminished greatly. The examples we can look to keep arriving at this same conclusion.

The top athletes in a particular sport are where they are because of the commitment to that activity. This same idea is true for concert pianists, authors, and airplane pilots. Anything that a person excels at required hours upon hours of practice. People might be born with the natural talent yet time invested is still needed to reach a level of excellence. For every person who excels, there are countless others who were born with the same talent but did not have the commitment to achieve greatness.

Commitment is a vital component in all areas of our lives. Take relationships as an example. People who enjoy 40 or 50 years of marriage only do so because they are committed to each other and the relationship. These people have the same issues as everyone else. Nevertheless, they overcome the challenges because of the desire to succeed.

We see the same thing in the area of physical fitness. Everyone who works out has times when they want to be lazy. It takes motivation and drive to get to the gym even when you do not feel like it. It is also true that sticking with a healthy diet is often difficult. It is a fact of life there are times the ice cream or jelly donut are calling us. It is commitment to a healthy lifestyle that allows one to resist the temptation and stay the course.

Life is difficult at times. Every path has its own set of obstacles. It is commitment that allows us to keep pushing forward even when the route is hard. Those who have what I call a "wishy-washy" attitude will quit at the first hindrance. This is what separates the successful from the unsuccessful.

Therefore, it is time to commit. If you are not excelling in a certain area, take a look at the commitment you have to it. Many people struggle at work. Delve into how much effort you put in there to succeed. Are you committed to excelling in that career (company) or are you just there for the paycheck? If it is the later, look at either moving to another position or, at least, finding something bigger to latch onto there.

Sometimes we need to recommit to what is important to us. We all can lose our way as the trials and tribulations mount. Our priorities get screwed up periodically and, after a while, it is noticeable. So, if the flat stomach now looks more like a spare tire, perhaps it is time to recommitting to living a healthy lifestyle that includes more exercise and less calories. Whatever the area of hangup, take a look at your commitment level and seek to increase it. Oftentimes, this is the only piece that is missing. It is incredible what is possible once you fully commit to something.
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