The Next 60 Days

People want change. They want to do things differently. Yet all the talk in the world changes nothing. Action is what is key. Doing things in another way reaps rewards. Sadly, few ever make the leap opting instead to follow the same path. This is why their lives never change.

The time to start making the change is right now. Of course, this is a well known fact. Many begin to make the changes only to stop after a few days. We see this behavior repeatedly with the same results.

I found the key to lasting change is to get after things for a couple months. It is so difficult to go from inertia to activity. We all experienced this when we start working out after being stagnant for a while. Our muscles hurt until we strengthen them to the point where they are accustomed to exercise. Most people quit before reaching this level. Instead, they fall back to doing what is comfortable.

So, the time to start the changes you seek is right now. The next 60 days will be the time when you create the habits that lead to more successful. Getting started on a different path takes energy and focus. The years of conditioning of doing things that did not work are deeply ingrained within us. Success habits are required if we are to excel.

You task is to make a list up of what you are going to do over the next 60 days. What areas will you focus upon. This is an exercise where you do not focus so much on results as opposed to activities. We are not creating a "goal" list. Instead, we want to draw attention to the actions which create habits that ultimately lead to our goals.

For example, let us say that you want to lost 50 pounds. That is the goal. I can presume that you set a time frame for the completion. How are you going to go about achieving this end? This is where the 60 day breakdown process enters the picture. We can state that walking will be involved. What days of the week are you going to walk? Put that on the list. State how long you will walk and how far. Then each week increase it by 15%-50%. You can do the same thing with the other exercises that you will do and the diet changes you will make. Following this for the next two months will create habits that lead to your ultimate goal.

Momentum is an rarely talked about commodity when it comes to success. It is far easier to keep something going once it is started than it is to get started. Take the exercise example again. What is the hardest part about working out? Many find that simply getting to the gym is the most difficult. Once someone is there, he or she simply does the exercise routine. But, ahead of time, there are all kinds of mental excuses as to why one should not workout on this day. Momentum allows us to "keep rolling".

Use the next 60 days to develop momentum in all areas of your life. Start to make the changes today by listing all the actions you want to take. Following through on this will enable you to succeed with much less effort than you imagined. Momentum is a power ally once you begin to access it. The 60 day concept does just that. Get started today.
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