This is one of the fundamental differences between those who succeed versus those who struggle. Successful people have a different perspective than the average person. It is this viewpoint which allows them to take the actions others fail to take.

Einstein said that a problem could not be solved on the same plane that created it. Human beings tend to "pigeonhole" their ideas. We believe that what we perceive is correct. Sadly, this mindset is often the cause of great discomfort in our life.

The stock market offers a wonderful example. Do you believe the stock market going down is a good thing? After all, people tend to make money when stocks increase in value. The answer to this question depends upon one's perspective. To the average person, a declining stock market is a bad thing. However, if someone is betting the market to go down, and took a position that reflected this belief, his or her perspective is different. To that person, a declining stock market is a good thing.

For most matters, there is not really a right or wrong; only perspective. Obviously, this is not referring to fundamentals morays such as murder, lying, etc. We are alluding to those situations which usually get us emotional which truly come down to our outlook.

Here is another example. Do you see catastrophe or do you see opportunity? Many look at the same situation and conclude different things. Some see the potential that are offered out of setbacks. Most tend to focus upon the tragedy of the circumstances.

The majority view getting fired a terrible thing. Here, someone is let go from a place from a job which they hate and were underpaid at, through no fault of their own.. Yet, they take the perspective that it is awful. Another viewpoint is that person is now free to go in any direction with one's career that he or she chooses. You see, it is all perspective.

One of the quickest ways to transform your life is to change how you look at the different situations which you are presently confronted with. Let go of the idea that your viewpoint is the only way to look at something. In every cloud there is a silver lining if you will only look for it. The same is true for circumstances. There is something good which can come out of every situation.

We can always step back to see things differently. Try this for a few days and see how different you life it. You will be amazed.
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