Take Charge Of Your Own Life

This is the mindset that you need to acquire if you are going excel in these trying times. It is obvious that the world is in a turmoil like we never saw before. Economically, we might be confronted with the worst situation in the last 3 generations. There is little that is encouraging about what is coming down the road. The prevailing belief is that times will get worse before they get better.

That being said, I hope that most realize what the cost of depending upon someone else is. Everyday we are seeing lessons of people who put their trust in another only to be let down. Take all the people who worked in the financial sector. Hundreds of thousands of them lost their jobs because of the financial crisis. Even if they were superior employees, they are out looking for work. Another example is the automobile industry. People operated under the belief the union would take care of them. Sadly, if the companies go out of business, the employees are out of luck.

Now, we are being told by our political leaders that we should trust them. The government is in the process of bailing everyone under the sun out. How long can this keep up? Sadly, I believe a recession can outlast even the money printing power of the United States of America. There will come a time when we are told "there is no more".

Where does this leave you? For those who regularly read this blog, you know that "personal responsibility" is a quality that I value. In this era, it is the only trait that I believe will lead to success. The model we operated under for the past 30 years is dead. We cannot trust others to take care of us. Businesses lay people off. The government blows through the Social Security money. Economies go through cycles. There are a series of events all of which can alter our life. It is time to take back the control we passed along to others.

You recently established a few goals that you want to achieve in the next year. Part of your process is going to assume the responsibility for achieving them. This is your life we are talking about. It is yours to do with as you wish. However, if you want something better, get with the program of personal responsibility. It is the only thing which will lead to your success.

I am in charge of my life. That is a belief I have which is at the core of my existence. Whatever results I get are due to my actions and capabilities. If I experience a setback, then I have the opportunity to learn something. Every situation is built upon the previous ones. Utilize the knowledge gained from those circumstances.

Stop blaming everyone for your problems. This is one resolution that I insist you make for the New Year. It is not your wife/husband's fault. The government did not do it to you. Forget about blaming your race, religion, or ethnic makeup. The one who is responsible for your life is you.

Personal responsibility is a hallmark of all successful people. They are the ones who create their own success. Implement this model into your life for the upcoming year.
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