How Committed Are You?

This is an extremely important question. Your level of commitment will determine how much success you enjoy. It dictates the actions that you are willing to take. Commitment creates the motivation and incentive to forge ahead. We wrote down some goals for the New Year a couple of weeks back. How committed are you to achieving them?

When people are fully committed to something, they can achieve incredible results. Superhuman feats are accomplished if the desire is great enough. Have you ever seen the videos of a woman who miraculously saves a child who is trapped underneath a car? A woman who weight 110 pounds has no business picking up something that heavy. Nevertheless, her level of commitment is really high at that moment. This provides her with the adrenaline rush necessary to pull off this feat.

Do you have the same outlook when viewing your goals? Are you will to go to any length to achieve them? What are you going to allow to stop you? These are questions which show the likelihood of getting what you desire. People who are not fully committed will turn back at the fist sign of trouble. I would surmise this is what you did most times in your life. It is time to change that.

We all heard the story of the leader who burned his ships once his troops got ashore. The reason he did this was to increase the commitment they had to winning the battle. Retreat was no longer an option once the ships sunk. Basically, the choices were win or die. That will commit you to the outcome.

Fortunately, we do not have to go to such extremes. However, it is worthy to think in these terms. Become fully committed to achieving what you desire. This will cause you to take whatever action necessary for success. This single shift in mindset increases the possibility of achievement by at least 50%. Success becomes easier when you have this belief.
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