Many are perplexed about changing their life. They know they want something different yet seem to follow the same path. Each year sees the same New Year's resolutions made and, then, broken. Life turns into an endless loop of frustration. Overall, the lack of meaningful progress is absent.

I find that those caught up in this situation are those who hope. They also wish, want, and desire. If you ask them, they hope the next year will be different. Of course, we all know it never is. Hoping, wishing, or desiring rarely changes anything. It is a way to mentally imagine something different without following up with the action to succeed. Thus, the endless loop.

So how do you go about changing your life? It is easier than you think. The first step in changing your life is to truly decide that you are going to do it. A true decision cuts off the possibility of any other result. It also includes the commitment to do whatever is necessary to succeed. Notice the difference in outlook compared to wanting.

Therefore, if you want to loose weight, decide to do it. It is easy to wish you were thinner. As shown, this will ensure that you remain overweight. By truly deciding to lose weight means that you are committed to making the necessary changes to achieve that goal. This is what separates those who succeed versus those who do not.

Is life really that simple that we can alter anything we want by deciding to do it? Absolutely it is. The reason why so many are baffled by this is they believe they made decisions without success. In truth, most were actually wishing, desiring, and hoping. Implement this powerful technique into your life to see results immediate. With a true decision comes instant action. You will see a difference in only a few days.
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