Guaranteed Failure

Many talk about what it takes to be a success. It is true that success leaves clues for one to follow. Failure does the same thing. If we study the qualities of those who fail, there is a pattern which develops. Here are three things you which will guarantee you never achieve anything that you want.

1. Fail to manage your time.

This is the one commodity that we are all equal in. The difference is in how we choose to spend it. Some prefer to exchange the time for money (working for a paycheck). Others like to waste this commodity sitting in front of the television like a mindless robot. Finally, many show up at work looking for something to do instead of proactively managing their assignments. The use of a list makes us much more effective at using our time to the utmost.

2. Fail to manage your money.

Obviously, this is a path to the poorhouse. Credit card debt is reaching an all-time high. We are about to witness the largest credit card defaults in history. Too many people live beyond their means with no clue how to manage their money. I wrote "Your Easiest Million" as a way to assist people with the basic understanding of money management. Money properly saved and invested will multiply. Unfortunately, so will debt.

3. Fail to manage your emotions.

Too often people make decisions based upon emotions. We do not think clearly when we are in an emotionally charged state. Business negotiators know this all too well. They are trained to remain calm regardless of what transpires. Trial attorneys do the same thing. Emotions cause us to react rather than respond. "Knee jerk" reactions lead to bad decisions. The heart is a wonderful thing for romance. However, wearing it on your sleeve will negatively affect your life.

If you want success in life, reverse the habits of the failure. Take control of your time, money, and emotions. It is the path of the successful.
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