3 Ways To Instantly Cut Your Budget

Here are 3 easy ways to reduce your monthly expenses.

1. Brown Bag It

Pack a lunch at home and bring it to work each day. Lunch typically costs anywhere from $6-$12 depending on where you are. This will save $132-$264 a month based upon 22 work days.

(Along with this, pass on eating dinner out: another $40-$100 is saved there)

2. Mow Your Own Lawn

Lawn maintenance companies charge $50-$125 a month for their services (more if you need hedges trimmed, etc..). Buy yourself a good used lawnmower for $75 and mow your own grass. Besides, you probably need the exercise.

3. Streamline Technology

Cut out the movie channels. Get rid of the super-duper, lightening fast, from here to the moon and back in no time flat Internet connection. Drop or stop using the Internet connection on the phone. This will cut your expenses by a minimum of $50 a month.

Times are getting tight for many people. Forgoing some of the "extra" will save you a fortune.
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Unknown said...

These are valid points to consider when facing a rough economic environment.

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