Is Life A Bore?

Do you find that you are often bored? Is life a boring trek where you are constantly waiting for something exciting to happen? If this describes your experience, this post is for you. There is a simple philosophy which cuts to the heart of this matter: you are bored because you are a boring person. That is all there is to it.

Have you ever noticed how successful people seem to have little time? They live a full life. The workday is full from the time they enter the office until they leave. They produce a tremendous amount while operating at a steady pace. Rarely will you see them flustered or going at a frenzied pace. They mastered time management skills so that each second is maximized.

This is not to insinuate that they are all work. They equally enjoy their time off. The relaxation time is filled with thrilling activities. Hobbies or other passions are engaged in on a regular basis. There is always some new adventure to approach.

How does this compare to what you experience on a regular basis? Many settle for less than a passionate life. They trudge through life moving from one boring day to another. When asked what they did this weekend, the common answer is "nothing". Getting caught on an endless treadmill is easy to do.

Here are three things that one can do to break this routine.

1. Try something new.

This can be anything. Take a cooking class. Go to a different restaurant. Visit a museum. Engage in any activity that you never did before. You might find that it is something that you absolutely love.

2. Tap into the child within.

What did you like to do when you were younger? Think of old hobbies or crafts which you use to do. Pick them up and reacquaint yourself with them. Dust off the old golf clubs while hitting the range. Make an appointment to go scuba diving. Visit the local craft store to get some supplies.

3. Spend time dreaming.

This is an underutilized quality among adults. Dream bigs dreams while allowing the mind to roam freely. Think of the lands which you want to visit. Discover what you can create in your life. Get excited about the magnitude of your capabilities.

Try these three things to break the trap of the "same old routine". You will quickly notice a difference.
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