20 Ideas I Wish I Knew When I Was 20

Success seems to be an elusive treasure for many. There are some many ways to attain it yet most of us get caught up trying to figure it all out ourselves. This leads to a great deal of lost time to gain the "experience" needed to be successful. Looking back, I wish someone had put together a list of hard facts that were true in life. Since it was not done for me, I would like to share my list of success "truths".

1. Success is easier with a team:

Success is not created in a vacuum. It takes the efforts of many people to make one achieve anything great. The most successful people have partners, coaches, teammates, and co-workers who all have a hand in the final outcome. Also, our the level of success that is possible increase substantially when we enlist the abilities and efforts of others. As Marc Victor Hanson likes to say "one plus one is an eleven folding of talent". Create a team with the best people that you can.

2. Opportunities are everywhere:

Everywhere there is a problem, there is an opportunity. The world is full of challenges that are waiting to be solved. As we proceed forward, now obstacles are created daily. Huge fortunes are being made by people taking the initiative to solve these problems. Society needs someone to build a better "mousetrap" and that person is you. Look for the opportunities in your life that are offered to you.

3. You get more in life by saying "yes" than by saying "no":

This is one of Richard Branson's sayings. Fear is a powerful influence in life. It causes us to make decisions that are not always in our best interest. Often we turn down opportunities which will raise our lives to a new level. Saying "yes" to life allows us to engage in the wonders of it. There is more that is gained by going forward then by standing still. Certainly we will lose at times. But overcoming the fear of loss is what will set us free. Begin to say "yes" to the opportunities that are presented in your life.

4. Like attracts like:

Physics talks about energy on the same frequency being attracted to similar energy. This is true for our outlook. Positive attitudes garner positive results. Negative attitudes create gets the same outcome. To get more positive results in life, spend more time with a positive attitude. This will attract the desired results into your life.

5. The path to success is already laid out:

Reinventing the wheel is a waste of time. Unlike we were taught in school, copying is a good thing. People have already paved the road to success. Simply learn the actions and procedures they took while following suit. Every industry has a model that sets the process for achievement. Life becomes much simpler when that is uncovered.

6. Have fun:

It is easy to get caught up in all that we have to do. Responsibilities mount the more success we achieve. It is important to have fun at every stage of life. Too often people delay their joy until they arrive at a specific destination. Taking the time for ourselves is crucial as holistic selves. Lighten up and take things a little less seriously.

7. Work smarter, not harder:

Digging ditches is hard work yet it is not a well compensated trade. The world pays more for mental power than it does physical. Try to determine ways to systematize the things you need to do to free up yourself. The nobility is in working smarter, not harder.

8. Things do not equal happiness:

The richest are not always the happiest. The accumulation of things is wonderful. However, it is imperative that we keep in mind what is important. The happiness that "things" give us is temporary. Happiness is a state that comes from within us; it rarely comes from the outside.

9. Who cares about the Joneses:

How much time do we spend trying to "keep up with the Joneses"? Our egos are often tied to the opinion of others. Be your own person. Ignore what others think about you. It is best to pursue endeavors which fulfill us. Too many attend to those things that other people want them to. Live your life according to how you see fit.

10. There is always something to be grateful for:

No matter how bad things are in your life, there is always something to be grateful for. Gratitude is a wonderful tool for getting us out of the doldrums. Looking at the positive aspect of situations will always help bring the undesirable effects to an end quicker. Remember, there is always someone else who is worse off than you.

11. Everyone has their time in the "barrel":

To listen to people talk, you would think that they were the only ones with problems. The truth is that everyone has circumstances which they go through that are not pleasant. Illness, financial difficulty, and death affect most people at different stages of their lives. Resist the temptation to think that you are special in this regard. When negative circumstances arise, move forward knowing others are succeeding in dealing with similar issues.

12. Plan you life and live you plan:

I love the analogy to taking a trip across country without a road map. This is something that most would never consider doing. Yet almost all will approach their life without a forethought to where they would like to go. In fact, people spend more time planning their vacations than they do to plan their lives. Studies have shown that individuals who set down goals with a written plan for their achievement attain a far greater degree of success than those who fail to do so.

13. Failure is our best teacher:

Failure is a tough thing to go through. However, it can be our most beneficial experience. Successful people all seem to have had their share of failures. It is the lessons from these situation which makes them so valuable. Take the time to analyze why things turned out how they did and resolve not to make the same mistake. This is where life prepares us for the next challenge.

14. Most people are willing to help:

We feel we need to do it all on our own. This stems from the belief that most people don't care. The truth is that most people are willing to help wherever they can. People, at their basic core, are nice. They want to contribute. It makes us feel good to help another. Rid yourself of the desire to do it all on your own and ask others for help. You will be surprised at the warm response you get.

15. The starting point is irrelevant:

There are hundreds of stories of people who started from the worst circumstances only to achieve greatness. Individuals who blame their surroundings for their lack of success are using this as a crutch. There are opportunities in all areas of life for those who are willing to go after them. It is where you are going that is important, not where you start from.

16. Everything starts as a thought:

There is nothing that mankind has made in this world that did not start as an idea in someone's head. Everyday, we each have ideas which are mostly dismissed. Capturing one of those ideas can change how the world operates. Also, having the right mindset will do more to ensure our success than any other attribute. Pay attention to what takes place within your own head.

17. We all have more talents than we can uncover:

Everyone on this planet is created with an incredible amount of ability. Yet we often believe that we "can't do anything right". This is negative conditioning allowed to ruin our lives. There is an unbelievable skill within you at this present moment. Beginning to say "yes" to opportunities in life will uncover what those talents are. Often we do not realize what we are capable of until we are forced into a tough situation.

18. Everything is perspective:

Even though you will swear it to be the truth, it is really only your perspective. Our viewpoint is usually what determines how we process things. Is the glass half full or half empty? Both answers are correct, depending on your perspective. Remember this whenever you are determined to make yourself right and someone else wrong.

19. Tap into your true self:

Some call it passion, others life purpose. Whatever the term, there is something in life that only you can perform. Spend some time seeking out what it is. All greatness comes from this place. Do not worry about the financial compensation. People who tap into their true essence while releasing their talents on the world are well paid. Find out what it is and follow it.

20. You can make a huge difference:

There is no limit to the impact that you can have. Many of the greatest figures in history were from the humblest of beginnings. They were average people who took extraordinary action when called upon. You can do the same thing. The ideas that you have right now can impact thousands, if not, millions of lives. Begin to accept this as your reality.

Here is the list of ideas which I feel will lead anyone to success. See how many you can implement into your life on a daily basis. People who have done so report an incredible increase in their success, happiness, productivity, and freedom.

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